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Spring Detox?

The beginning of spring is always a time when we do some clean up and de-cluttering, so it makes sense for many to want to do that in a personal level as well. And you will see probably all kinds of "Detox diets" popping up on your news feed over the next few days, but do you need to do a detox, what is a good detox? most importantly, what do you need to detox?

The premise of a "detox" diet is that your body is full of "toxins" and you need to get rid of them... let's just start by saying that if your body was riddled with toxins you would probably be in need of medical assistance, what people commonly refer to as a toxins are actually toxicants. But, leaving terminology aside, is your body carrying around all these substances that you need expel by means of avid juicing or whatever form the detox diet comes in? The short answer is NO.

Your body is designed in such a magnificent way that it detoxes every single day, with the help of your liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, digestive tract and the lymphatic system. What do you need to do in order to properly support these processes? Eat a nutritious diet that includes protein, fat and plenty of fibre, exercise, move!

Instead of worrying about the hundreds of dollars you will have to spend in order to afford the next best "detox diet" this spring, focus on detoxing your life of the things that do not serve your health and goals, and work on implementing changes for a healthier and happier you, such as: Quit smoking, consume less alcohol, make a habit of eating more vegetables every day, go to bed earlier, meditate, be more conscious of the skin care products you use, reduce your waste and plastic use, feed your gut, reduce your exposure to pollutants and EDs, etc.

Your body does an amazing job at detoxing everyday when supported, but you need to properly care for it too. If you have been abusing it for many years, do not expect to find a magic workaround.

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