Upcoming Events

  • Herbal Winter Allies
    Sat, Nov 05
    In this seminar you learn how herbal medicine can be used to help to support the body with common seasonal ailments such as colds, flu and the "stomach flu". *Webinar will be recorded*
  • Botanicals for Winter Mental Wellness
    Sat, Oct 08
    Online learning
    Winter months are coming and with it the need to support our mental health through the darker months. Join this webinar to learn how to support yourself during this seasonal transition in a wholistic way. *Webinar will be recorded*
  • Herbal Remedies and Seasonal Allergies
    Wed, Apr 13
    Regina Public Library - Zoom
    With the rising popularity of alternative and supplement options, join us to learn some effective and safe choices.
  • Spring Plants in Your Yard: From Weeds to Herbal Medicine
    Wed, Mar 16
    Regina Public Library - Zoom
    Rediscover those "weeds" in your yard and turn them into herbal remedies instead.
  • Herbal Remedies For Anxiety
    Wed, Feb 09
    Regina Public Library
    Learn how herbal medicine, including essential oils can help in the management of anxiety. We will discuss in depth seven different botanicals, their preparation methods and safety profile.