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Resources and links 

Herbal medicine

The Herbal Academy  – Lots of available information on their site

Learning Herbs  -  Accessible herbal information and education for the home user 

American Botanical Council - Herbal medicine event information, monographs and more 

National Institute of Medical Herbalist - One of the oldest herbal associations, I am a registered member in good standing

Gentle nutrition / Intuitive eating


Intuitive Eating - The site for the creators of the intuitive eating concept

A Little Nutrition. - Team of RDs and therapists in Winnipeg.  They also have a lot of helpful information on digestive health 

Abbey Sharp’s breakdown of intuitive eating – I personally relate to her balanced views more than other practitioners I have listened to with regard to this subject but understand that it’s not for everyone either.   

Alissa Rummsey. - Alissa’s book, Unapologetic Eating, and her accompanying course were my first introduction to the concept of intuitive eating, gentle nutrition, and body acceptance. 

Children’s nutrition

Beyond Baby Nutrition - Saskatchewan based Dietitian specializing in children’s nutrition and “picky eating” 

Dietitians 4 Teachers - Lots of helpful information on how to talk about foods with children 

Health at every size 

HAES Health Sheets 

Mental health / therapy

This Human Thing – Regina-based therapists and mental health-focused events

Free to be Me – Counselling and therapy services in Regina 


Some of my favorite podcasts 


On Health



Herbs with Rosalee


The sustainable herbs program


Herbal Sensorium 


The mindful dietitian


Body Kindness


Plenary session


The Huberman Lab


The meta health  

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