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Emerging from the shadows of a book stack

It has been a long time since I wrote anything on my blog… life has been so busy that when I finally sit down to relax not only is it hard for me to think of a subject to write about, but I really do not want to be in front of a computer screen.

As much as I can I have been enjoying the beautiful summer we have been having here in Saskatchewan, but the school year is not over yet, and I am now in that last push for final essays and exams at the end of the month. I will have a few weeks break before starting back up for the fall term, though that doesn’t necessarily mean a time to completely relax. There will be subjects I need to review again and prepare for what’s coming next.

To say that at times I have felt overwhelmed with all the work would be an understatement, but I do love it, and have been enjoying every week of lessons, assignments and additional readings. This year we started a new class, that will continue until the end, that integrates case study learning. So, every 2 weeks we are given a new case study by an anonymous client consultation, that includes the pertinent health history and reason for visit. Based on all this information we must write a paper outlining the diagnosis and pertinent information, what the management plan will be, nutritional and lifestyle changes that would be of benefit for the person, the herb selection, formulations and dosage – along with their materia medica and toxicology info. It involves a lot researching, reading, second guessing, information overload and ‘aha’ moments. It’s a lot work, but I am loving it.

My home looks like a tornado went through my library and left a pile of books and documents all over my kitchen table, most of the week. My meal planning has been lacking, so left overs are always a saving grace, some days we end up eating out and other times I’ll figure out a way to invite myself for dinner at mom’s.

At moments I wonder how I have managed to remain sane while undertaking a full-time school program and working full time. Honestly, my health has suffered a bit, and I had to cut back on other things such as setting up at the centennial market and booking less appointments. But, my passion keeps me going forward even if it means a little slower.

The garden, although small, is looking fantastic! This year we are growing: zucchinis, lemon cucumber, tomatoes, lots of chickpeas, raspberries, dandelions, red clover, calendula, and others that I am not sure yet what the result will be: St. John’s, echinacea, plantain and burdock. I have tried to grow more food other years with mixed results, but this year I wanted to have some herbs to connect with. I’m hoping to add more raised flower beds next year and grow more food. Do you have a garden? What are you growing?

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