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The Full Story

I grew up in Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico. Yes, amazing weather all year round, street markets with fresh produce every day. Ripe papayas, on point avocados, heirloom corn varieties, and all the other wonderful things you can imagine. But with all the good things, also comes the bad.  High crime rate, social inequality, environmental pollution and overall a very stressful pace of life. 

When I moved to Canada, after completing my bachelor’s in communications, I came to Regina and pursued a diploma in 3D animation and game design followed by a certificate in public relations. Workwise I worked in a couple non-profit organizations, and then moved to the financial world. But there was always something missing, and through life experiences and soul searching if you will, I began rediscovering what I wanted to be when I grew up. 

It all began with aromatherapy certifications, then a couple nutrition diplomas and other certifications, that eventually landed me in the path of Herbal Medicine. I appreciate intense and structured learning, hence the program I picked would take me four years of full-time study, along with 500 hours of supervised clinical training to complete. This would allow me to join the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIHM), which is the oldest formal association for highly trained Medical Herbalists. 


After an intense decade of work and being a student, my body asked me to take a break. I needed to recharge so I took a much-needed "sabbatical". During this time, my own health took a tumble as well. And when consulting with a group of peers the suggestion was for me to lose weight, though my main issue was gynecological in nature. This was my first time experiencing what weight stigma looks like. From here on, it was all like a domino effect... 

I discovered radical self-love, and intuitive eating. I confronted the fact that my relationship with food and my own body was broken. It had been for a long time but didn’t quite face it until then. This also brought to light how I was promoting “diluted” diet culture messages mascaraed as health promoting. And faced the weight stigma and fatphobia believes I still held.

I am still working on healing my relationship with food and my body, knowing this will be a long-term journey.  But I am making a conscious decision to avoid diet culture related language and content in my practice and daily life. Thus, my practitioner role continues to evolve with my personal experience and growth. And so, I redefined myself as ‘Your anti-diet Herbalista’

So, what do I mean by "anti-diet Herbalista"?  It means that my approach includes gentle nutrition and health promoting behaviours. Not fad or restrictive diets, nor fear mongering to eliminate foods with no need - I mean if you are allergic to nuts, you shouldn’t eat them! But if you are not, there is no reason to eliminate them based on a single component of their chemical composition. 


It also means that when we work together, we look at ways to improve and build upon your preferences, while also being mindful of your cultural traditions. Because despite what diet culture has led us to believe, our cultural foods matter and are nourishing. Part of my own journey too has been to rediscover those foods, flavours and pleasure that diet culture had taken away from me, because they were "wrong". 


Education history:

Dip. Herbal Medicine 
Dip. Natural Nutrition 

Dip. Orthomolecular Nutrition

Dip. Clinical Aromatherapist  

Cert. Women's Herbal Educator (in process)

Cert. Gut Restoration Nutritional Advisor 

Cert. Fertility Nutritional Advisor

Cert. Family Herbalist 

Cert. Aromatic Medicine 

Cert. Natural Skin Care Formulation 

Non-herb or health related education: 

Bachelor of Science in Communications (BComn) 

Dip. 3D Animation and Game Design 

Cert. Public Relations 

As part of my continuing education requirements and personal development goals, I continue to learn more about nutrition, plant medicine, and other subjects of interest.

Random facts about me:

  • I have dealt with anxiety most of my life 

  • 90% of my clothing is black 

  • I have 6 large tattoos (2 unfinished)

  • I have two Pomeranian mix dogs 

  • Tend to spend too much time watching or listening to crime stories. The criminal/human mind fascinates me!

  • Some of my favorite foods are tacos, barbacoa, pozole, chocolate and tres leches cake

  • I always wanted to be a singer, and my dream was to pursue a music degree. But family pressure made me give that up 

  • Enjoy playing board games - always open to sugestions

  • I like to grow a garden every year, but I am far from having a green thumb 

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